Improving Team Effectiveness:

The employees participated in an engagement survey, and one of the teams had very low engagement. The lead pastors committed to the elder board that they would identify why the engagement was low and try to fix it. We were asked to do an evaluation and propose an action plan to improve the team’s engagement. We conducted feedback sessions with each team member, identified themes, and areas of opportunity for improved engagement.

After sharing the action plan, and our recommendations with the lead pastors, they implemented several of the items we recommended. The response after the feedback sessions was that some of the team members changed their perspective and had improved attitudes as a result of our meeting and coaching. Overall, the team engagement progressed quickly, and the leadership is very pleased with the outcome.

A new director had been hired, and the team was struggling with the new leadership style, understanding expectations, adjusting to change, etc.  We were asked to facilitate a New Leader Acceleration(NLA) workshop. NLA is designed for the team members to have the opportunity to give feedback on specific questions without the leader present. The facilitator walks through each response with the leader and coaches them on what was said and makes recommendations on how to respond. The session ends with the leader reacting and responding to the team’s feedback. From there, an action plan is created for the team to understand each other better and improve effectiveness. The purpose of NLA is to build a cohesive team quickly and accelerate the adjustment period. It allows for dedicated time to get to know each other and improve overall effectiveness and performance.

The team and the leader were very impressed with the process. They appreciated the laid-back approach, the open dialogue, and transparency. They learned a lot about each other and the leader’s style. An action plan was built around the feedback, and all were in agreement that this would lead to a more effective, high performing team. They have a clearer understanding of their leader’s expectations as a result of this activity.

Risen Path Consulting Services

  • The Five Languages of Workplace Appreciation Workshop
    80% of employees say they will work harder when they feel appreciated by their leader. 17% actually feel appreciated by their leader. Improve engagement by learning your employee's appreciation language. Not everyone feels engaged by hearing a ‘thank you’ or ‘great job’ or having donuts on Friday. When employees feel appreciated in their unique language, they enjoy coming to work, and are more engaged.

  • Individual and team coaching 

    Working with managers and leaders on how to effectively develop teams, manage time, and improve performance.

  • Personality assessments - 

    Administer personality assessments, facilitate a workshop to understand individual and team personalities and how to work together based on one’s personality.

  • Change management -

    Understanding the many components of change and how to lead your teams through the change curve, resulting in a successful and positive outcome.

  • Employee Retention - 

    Evaluate and analyze team dynamics, and make recommendations on how to improve retention, engagement, and performance.

  • New Leader Acceleration -

    Accelerate a new leader’s path to success with their team, enabling the leader to build a cohesive team quickly and lessen the length of the adjustment period.

Risen Path Consulting has many other services available based on individual and team needs. Let’s have a conversation regarding your organization, your team, and your goals. I welcome the opportunity to meet with you and determine the areas where we can partner together to make you and your team more engaged, more effective, and higher performing.