Course Descriptions

Challenging Conversations
Have you ever had a conversation with someone and wished it had gone better? Have you walked away from a conversation feeling frustrated and upset? We spend a significant amount of time communicating with other people, both at home, and at work. Conversations can be challenging when our feelings are involved, when we don’t see eye to eye on a project, when we perceive someone as not doing their portion of the job, and many other reasons.

This workshop discusses the importance of being direct in our communication in a way that shows concern and consideration for the feelings of others. The result is healthy, constructive conversations, that build trust, and improve relationships.

DiSC Workplace
Do you often wonder why you get along better with some people than others? Have you met someone and immediately thought ‘they get me’?  We often assume people are like us, and like the same things we do. Ultimately, we know that’s not always true. So, how do we discover what makes someone ‘tick’? How do we improve our relationships with others by understanding what’s important to them?

This workshop uncovers four different personality styles and explains the similarities and differences for each one. Participants will discover their style through an assessment. The workshop defines each style, and how to adapt your style to others’ for a more effective and healthy relationship.

DiSC Management
Are you a leader? Do you lead a team of employees, or volunteers? Do you wonder why some people are easier to lead than others? What if you had the ‘secret sauce’ to how to be a more effective leader?  We know people are unique and different, and have different priorities.  So, how can we leverage their unique style in a way that makes them a more productive and engaged team member?

This workshop is designed for leaders to use the DiSC model to more effectively lead their team members. Leaders will learn how to delegate, motivate, and develop their team members based on their individual DiSC style.

Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team
What if there was a way to measure if your team members trust one another, engage in healthy conflict, commit to decisions, hold each other accountable, and focus on achieving collective results?

This workshop is designed for intact teams. Through an assessment, you will discover how well the team members trust one another, how they react to conflict, their commitment to decisions, if they hold each other accountable, and their focus on collective results. This model will help you understand how your team behaves as a unit and how the team can change as a whole to work more effectively together and achieve exemplary results.

Five Behaviors of Personal Development
Are you part of a matrixed environment? Are you a member of multiple, cross-functional teams? Do you want to work more effectively together?

This workshop applies the same concepts from Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, and focuses on the behaviors of the individual as opposed to those of an intact team. The purpose is to create and scale a culture of teamwork and collaboration. Individuals will discover what behavioral tendencies make it easy for each person to build trust, master conflict, master clarity and buy-in, handle feedback, and achieving collective results.

Appreciation in the Workplace
Are you appreciating your employees and team members? Do you know if they actually feelappreciated? 80% of employees say they will work harder when they feel appreciated by their leader. 17% actually feel appreciated by their leader.

This workshop highlights ways to improve engagement by learning your employees’ appreciation language. Not everyone feels engaged by hearing a ‘thank you’ or ‘great job’ or having donuts on Friday.  When employees feel appreciated in their unique language, they enjoy coming to work, and are more engaged.